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why choose seaside mediation?


We don't waste your time. There are no waiting lists. We use a clear, streamlined process to ensure efficient service delivery.


With Seaside Mediation, decisions about what is best for your family are in your hands. Positive, cost-effective and mutually acceptable agreements can be achieved without the financial and emotional toll of the court process, where the decisions may be taken out of your hands.


We work remotely and can schedule appointments and mediations outside of business hours and on weekends to accommodate your busy lifestyle.


You will work with the same fully qualified family law mediator from start to finish.

We work together with you to produce workable agreements. We help you view disputes from different perspectives to ensure understanding between parties and longevity of any agreement reached. If you desire, we are also happy to work collaboratively with your legal representative.



Our usual hours of operation are:

Monday:              6pm - 10pm
Tuesday:              8am - 10pm
Wednesday:      6pm - 10pm
Thursday:            6pm - 10pm
Friday:                  6pm - 10pm 
Saturday:            1pm - 10pm
Sunday:              1pm - 10pm 

However, if you would like an appointment outside of these hours, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. 




Image by Michal Biernat

Contact us to discuss our mediation services (15 minute free phone consultation) or book your pre-mediation intake session. We'll send you an information pack and an agreement to mediate form before your intake session.


Executive Making a Phone Call

We complete your pre-mediation intake session with you, at a time that suits you. This session will be approximately one hour and can proceed via telephone or online, depending on your preference. After this session, we invite the other party to participate in the mediation process. 
If they refuse to participate or do not respond after reasonable attempts by us to contact them, we can give you a Section 60i Certificate (parenting matters only)


Phone Call

Once the other party accepts our invitation, we complete a pre-mediation intake session with them. If assessed as suitable to proceed, we liase with you and the other party to book in your mediation at a time and date that suits everyone involved. 

If assessed as not appropriate to proceed to mediation, we may issue a Section 60i Certificate (parenting matters only)


Image by Amy Hirschi

We facilitate your mediation, which can occur with everyone together or with the parties in separate spaces. The mediation includes private, confidential sessions with each party during the session and assistance with documenting agreements reached. 

Note: Appointments and mediations ordinarily take place via telephone or online. Face to face appointments can be arranged for legally assisted mediations in South West Victoria, at a venue provided by your solicitor. 

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