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Court certificate

Need a Section 60i Certificate?

Parenting PLAN

Want a parenting plan for children's arrangements?

Property SettlEment

Need to negotiate a property settlement with your ex-partner?


Seaside Mediation is committed to providing a timely, cost-effective, confidential dispute resolution process for separated families. Mediation can occur with or without the assistance of solicitors. 


Jessica Tinetti is the principal mediator at Seaside Mediation and is a Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS), Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, registered with the Attorney General's Department and experienced family lawyer. She will assist parties to identify the issues that are important to them and work together with them to arrive at an amicable resolution for their family, moving forward.

Seaside Mediation is based in Warrnambool, South West Victoria. Currently, we offer remote mediation services across Australia (excluding WA). Appointments and mediations ordinarily take place by telephone or online. Remote mediation is not only convenient and time effective, but it also allows parties to negotiate from the comfort and safety of their own familiar environment.


A face to face session may be arranged for legally assisted mediations in South West Victoria, at a venue provided by your solicitor. 

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